ibighit pasing Shakira - 18 Hours in 2 Minutes

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On April 28, the YouTube channel of K-Pop, ibighit, passed Sharika in subscribers, being now the 35th most subscribed channel on YouTube. The current subgap between both channels is at 117k at the moment we're posting this video. On April 14, ibighit released the MV of "Boy with Luv" by BTS, which was a huge success, reaching over 245M views. The hype was also big 2 days earlier of the release of the video, making the channel gain 240k in two days (23.01M - 23.26M). This is also the 25th most liked video on the whole platform, with over 9.3M likes. When the video clip was released, it made the "ibighit" channel gain over 1.2M in 4 days ( 23.26M - 24.45 ). On 24 April, they released the "Cat & Dog" MV by TXT and on 26 April, they released a different version of the "Boy with luv" MV, called "Boy With luv - ARMY With Luv version", which gave a higher boost, and that boost made ibighit surpass Shakira in subscribers. ReUploaded. Music: FyMex - Skyfall

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ibighit pasing Shakira - 18 Hours in 2 Minutes

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